Rotary Dial iPad

As someone who has gone through the process of teaching his father to use his Computer, iPhone and now iPad, I can assure you: These types of conversations are rarely this humorous.

However, as someone who works with the public in a retail setting, I can tell you that they do happen fairly often. Really often, in fact.

So, hang in there, Sohmer. Your dream is bound to come true someday. I truly believe it.

Today’s page comes to us from Ryan Dunlavey:

Ryan Dunlavey is a New York based cartoonist best known for being the artist of the Xeric and ALA award winning ACTION PHILOSOPHERS (written and co-created by Fred Van Lente). His other sequential tragedies include THE COMIC BOOK HISTORY OF COMICS (also with Van Lente, from IDW, May 2012), MODOK: REIGN DELAY (Marvel) and THE DIRT CANDY COOKBOOK (with chef Amanda Cohen, from Clarkson Potter, August 2012). His illustrations and cartoons have appeared in WIZARD, TOYFARE, MAD, ROYAL FLUSH, DISNEY ADVENTURES and MTV GEEK.

Have a great New Comic Book Day, folks! See you Friday!


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