Magazine Dreams

In the wake of the loss of Wizard Magazine, a hole was left in the comics industry.

A void that one could only assume could never be filled…

Until the minds at Bleeding Cool announced they were rocketing out of your computer and onto your news stand.

Now, I love magazines. My office is strewn with tattoo, art and music rags, most of which I read on a pretty regular basis. When it comes to comics though, normally I’d say we needed a print magazine about that world like we needed a hole in the head or another X-Title. But, if there is one group of comics newsbringers out there that could put together something that’s worth checking out every month, it’d be the crew at Bleeding Cool.

Who knows if it will last, who knows if it will become a massive hit. All I can say is that I am excited to sandwich it between my copies of Tattoo Flash and Juxtapoz every month.

Today’s page comes to us direct from the ECCC floor via Becky Dreistadt:

Becky Dreistadt is the artist behind Tiny Kitten Teeth, a hand painted online comic. Becky is a graduate of Savannah College of Art & Design in Sequential Art. Her influences include, but are not limited to Kitty Bobo, Dream Pets, Animal Crossing, Mary Blair and other fine Golden Books, as well as contemporary cartoons Flapjack and Chowder! Becky has been making comics with her partner Frank Gibson for 5 years. The main fellow in the Tiny Kitten Teeth, Mewsli, shares a name with their actual one-year old cat.

Have a good start to the week my friends, and don’t forget to visit your local comic shop for all their Avengers vs X-Men launch party goodies!


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