Wasn’t Brendan Fraser The Rocketeer?

Nope, Billy Campbell. But an honest and easy-to-make mistake, I think.

While I enjoy the pulp-era setting and style of The Rocketeer, aside from the 1991 flick starring the aforementioned Billy Campbell, I don’t know much about the character. If the names Chris Samnee and Mark Waid weren’t attached to this latest attempt by IDW to re-introduce The Rocketeer, I doubt I would have noticed it.

So, instead I’d like to talk about something I do know a little about: Blimps.

Fun Fact: The term “blimp” is reportedly onomatopoeic, the sound the airship makes when one taps the envelope (balloon) with a finger.

Fun Fact: The term “blimp” refers only to free-flying aircraft. The term is sometimes erroneously used to refer to the tethered craft known as moored balloons.

Fun Fact: The Art Deco spire of the Empire State Building was originally designed to serve as a dirigible terminal for Zeppelins and other airships to dock

So I hope we’ve all learned something today. Maybe with Waid and Samnee at the helm, this might be the Rocketeer series that captures my attention and introduces me to a classic comic I’ve never known about. All I can say for sure is if it’s going to feature the titular character fighting some Nazi blimps, I’m in.

Today’s page rockets across your screen thanks to Fernando Ruiz:

Graduating from the infamous Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in 1994, Fernando Ruiz has since embarked on a career as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator. He has drawn for comic books, books, toy designs, and storyboards. A writer and artist for Archie Comics, his work has appeared regularly in their various comic books and digests. Several years ago, Fernando returned to the Joe Kubert School, this time as an instructor, and he has been teaching there ever since. Currently, Fernando is a resident of New Jersey where he lives with his fiance, Carolyn, his two cats, Oobie and Marla, and his bird, Mango.

Enjoy your beginning of the week and we’ll see you back here Wednesday!



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