A Marvel By Any Other Name

Before I get into today’s topic, I was asked to remind you folks of The Gutters facebook page. Give us a like, won’t you?

Aside from Kingdom Come and Jeff Smith’s story, Captain Marvel was never a character I cared too much for. So when they announced they’d be changing his name and costume, I offered up a resounding ‘meh’.

It was only when I heard one of Geoff Johns’ reasons for the name change, “most people already know him as Shazam”, that I knew this was deserving of a Gutters page.

That, and I enjoy writing pissed off superhero icons.

Today’s page was done by Hawk (the person, not an actual bird, though that would be great too):

Hawk, more formally known as Mohammad F. Haque, leads a double life: innovative artist/illustrator by day, lightning-fingered techie by night. He currently juggles several projects and job titles, including concept designer/illustrator for Quantum Mechanix based in Los Angeles. He hails from the Maryland/DC area and scored a degree in Graphic Design and Art from the University of Maryland.

Have a good weekend, folks! See you back here Monday!


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