The Relaxing Dead

The Walking Dead is quickly becoming a show that I really want to like, but it is making it impossible.

I’ve spoken before about how slowly I feel this season is moving, but after the scenes in the town bar and the previous week’s episode I felt like I was wrong. It was a great episode with Rick and Shane throwing down as well as a mess of zombies. I thought that it was the beginning of the climax that the slow burn of this season had been building to.

Then this past week’s episode capitalized on none of that, bringing us back to the same questionable (to say the least) decisions and more conversations about “how bad it is out there.”

It was during this episode though that I was able to finally put my finger on what it is that’s been bugging me about the show for almost the entire season: it’s way too comfortable.

I’m fine with the show differing from the book, in fact I invite it. I like to be surprised and not know exactly what’s coming. But there is none of the tension and insecurity that makes the books such a fun read. The first few episodes of the show captured this feeling really well, but now we see our cast  sitting around with plenty of food to eat, cars to drive and even working appliances in the beautiful farmhouse, with the occasional walker stumbling by.

This is life after the dead rise? Seems like all they are missing is wi-fi and a Vita to keep Carl occupied.

Like I say, I want to like this show. Hell, I want to LOVE this show. I don’t fully blame the cast and crew either. AMC has ground the Walking Dead budget down to the barest of bones to appease the Mad Men Gods. It explains the conversations that last over the course of several episodes and why members of the cast have been reduced to background cameos in their own series. But with that said, the show doesn’t need over-the-top expensive effects every two minutes to make it enjoyable. It just needs to be made uncomfortable again to get that tension back.

While I wait to see if it does though, today’s page was brought to us by a new convention-friend, Whitney Cogar:

Whitney Cogar is a freelance illustrator holed up in the top floor an apartment building in Savannah, Georgia. After finishing up her BFA in Sequential Art at SCAD she went on to storyboard The Conspirator (2011) directed by Robert Redford. Since then she has worked in the Art Departments on several other films, including X-Men: First Class (2011). Although the bulk of her clients are in the film industry her passion has always been comics. Whitney is currently penciling and coloring two different upcoming comic projects, and recently did some storyboards for a feature film, but you won’t know about any of it for a few years thanks to the wonder that is the non-disclosure agreement.

Have a great New Comics Day, friends! See you back here Friday!



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