Fair And Balanced

As a disclaimer, I use all 4 of the aforementioned sites in my daily routine of news trolling. While they’ve all proven quite useful since the inception of Gutters a couple years back, there are certain recurring themes I’ve noticed.

Video game industry news has been facing something similar for longer, as more publishers put in money to various sites. When Marvel is covering your payroll and providing half your content, how quick will you be to run a story that paints them in a negative light?

I’ll give you another example.

A few months back, I was invited to do an interview with a prominent comics news site. Before it began, however, I was informed that under no circumstances was I allowed to mention a certain controversial figure, as he was an original investor of the site.

That was part of their ‘editorial policy’.

All of this to say, that I wish I could find the BBC Equivalent of Comic News sites.

For now, as we are with the media at large, we’re stuck with what we’ve got, and it remains up to us to filter out the bias to discover the real story behind every post.

Today’s page was a joint effort by our own Ed Ryzowski and Rus Wooton:

Ed Ryzowski was born, raised, and still lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba (that’s in Canada by the way), though with each passing frigidly cold winter he finds it harder and harder to remember why he stays there.

After dropping out of art school one year away from getting his degree (something his parents were thrilled about by the way) and not picking up a pencil again for about seven years, Ed jumped back into the art world by creating the webcomic, Geek Tragedy.  After three years of that however, he decided to put the webcomic he worked so very hard to build an audience for on temporary hiatus, and began focusing all of his attention on other projects.

He now currently works full-time as a freelance artist who’s main focus (at the moment at least) is that of a colorist, with all of Ed’s current work coming exclusively from various webcomics.  Specifically, Evil Inc, Terminals, Looking for Group, and of course, Gutters.”

Rus Wooton is a comic creator best known for his lettering work on THE GUTTERS and books like THE WALKING DEAD, INVINCIBLE, BUTCHER BAKER and countless others from Marvel, Image, Dark Horse and Radical. An artist for as long as he can remember, Rus got degrees in Fine Arts and Art Education from the University of South Florida in 1996 and then went into freelancing, then working as Wizard’s web designer for three years, then to freelancing again. He’s been lettering since 2003 and draws and writes whenever he can. He is fueled by coffee, Dr Pepper, spicy Korean noodles and rock ‘n’ roll.

A quick reminder that Gutters Volume 2, with a cover by Tim Sale and an Introduction by Chuck Dixon is now available for sale:

Enjoy the leap day, we’ll see you back here on Friday.



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