Big Winner No Whammy

I am of two minds about the marketing push for Supercrooks #1 that Mark and the crew at Millarworld have come up with.

On one hand, it’s great to see a creator with as many irons in the fire as Millar has take some time to go an do a free signing at any given comic shop in the world. Paying his own way, no matter where it may be is a nice gesuture and this is a great idea to bring some publicity to his book.


The other side of that coin is that it might be so free. The stores that “lose” the contest, ie order piles of Supercrooks but not enough to host the signing, might be kinda stuck with those books. To my knowledge, Diamond or Millarworlsd haven’t offered any kind of returnability on the book, and the contest ends on the 27th of Feb which is also the Final Order Cutoff day for Supercrooks #1.

In theory, if they announce the winning store early enough on the 27th, then retailers can lower their orders, but that’s a pretty slim window. I guess we will just have to wait and see how things play out, but I hope there is a plan in place.

In the meantime though, if Mark is looking for things to do, I have a car that needs washing, a dog that needs walking and my taxes need doing.

Surprisingly, there’s no one I need urinated on though.

Today’s page has been brought to us by Bryan Turner:

Bryan “Flash!” Turner is a full-time artist, thanks to his wonderful wife, and he is also a member of Identity Comics Studio ( based in the DC area. He has done several sketchcard sets for Marvel/Upper Deck, Marvel/Rittenhouse, and Versicolor Productions, among others. He has also done short stories for independent publishers. Character Design and development is his true passion. His 3 kids have already picked up the ‘habbit’ of drawing all the time! Currently, Flash is working on a project with Identity Comics Studio called “The Brotherhood of Fighters.”

Have a good weekend, folks! We’ll see you back here Monday!


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