What’s Even Older Is Even Newer

I consider myself something of a fan of pulp-era heroes and stories. I am eagerly anticipating Dynamite’s new Shadow book and have enjoyed their handling of the Green Hornet.

It’s nice to see some of the older characters that may or may not have been forgotten getting their due, but I do have one suggestion: Instead of launching a litany of on-going series, perhaps a limited mini-series might be the best way to bring these characters back into the public eye. It’s a small thing, but to me it makes it a bit easier for people to take a chance on a character or book that they may not be as familliar with.

A perfect example of that was the excellent time-travel story “The Red Wing” that Image recently published. It was a great 4-issue mini-series that told an awesome story and since it had an “end” it definitely left me wanting more.

Also, in a happy coincidence it was illustrated by today’s artist, Mr. Nick Pitarra:

Nick Pitarra is a native Texan, cartoonist, and all around nice guy. His work has been published by Marvel and Image comics, recently finishing the hit IMAGE mini series THE RED WING and currently working on THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS with star writer Jonathan Hickman. Additionally, Nick’s art has found its way on billboards, murals, magazines, and calendars.

Enjoy the start to the week, folks! See you here Wednesday!


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