Survey Says!

K, before we do anything I’ve been told by the powers that be that I need to ask you all to take a few seconds to fill out a brief survey,which can be found here. 

I’m told that it’s a very important thing because it helps us to keep this here site free and optimized to the needs of you, our fine reader. I also know it’s important because Sohmer took my Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot Helmet Replica and won’t give it back until I express to you how important the survey is.

Oh, geez… He’s taking it out of the box…

So please, it only takes about a minute (I know this because I had to fill it out first in order to test it) and the questions are multiple choice. No essays or complex equations here. Just a few minutes of your time and all for a great cause. The safe return of my X-Wing Helmet.

… That he’s now wearing. (sigh).

So there we go. Glad to get that out of the way.

Wow, today’s page really brings up a lot of hot-button, controversial issues, huh? Stuff that people feel really strongly about and is very divisive amongst the masses.

Know what I think?

I think that you should totally fill out that survey. 

Today’s page comes to us via Denis Medri:

Denis Medri is an Italian Comic Artist and Illustrator, born in 1979. Denis studied at the Institute of Arts of Forlì and at the School of Comics of Milan. His work can be seen in books by various publishers from Italy, France and USA. Denis has also had collaborations with Les Humanoides Associes, Marvel Comics, Rainbow SPA, Image Comics, Dynamite Entertaiment, Vent d’Ouest, Topps and others. He also enjoys working on portraits and art inspired by Movies, TV series and Musical artists. Denis currently lives in Cesena, Italy.

Keep it above the belt, my friends and remember: SURVEY!

See you here Monday!


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