All Good Things…

While I can admit that I haven’t been following Mark Waid’s Irredeemable or it’s companion title, Incorruptible as of late, I have been a fan of the story since it’s beginning.

What happens when the world’s greatest hero becomes its greatest villain? It’s a fascinating question and one that’s been asked a lot in comics, but rarely has the answer been as satisfying as Waid’s.

The question now is this: Will BOOM be able to replace the solid performing book with an equally interesting creator-owned title? As much as I hate to see this book end, if it can open up a slot in the BOOM pubishing roster for them to take a chance on something just as compelling, then there may be a silver lining here.

Like all good things, Irredeemable had to come to an end eventually, but I think it will be a series that will live on for a long time in paperback. Hopefully if Mr. Richie is listening, an omnibus hardcover might be in our future as well.

At the very least I think a portfolio set of our proposed titles is in order.

Today’s page has been put together by Brent Peeples:

Brent Peeples started his career with penciling a creator owned book for Arcana comics in 2007. Shortly after wrapping up work there, he began his journey with Zenescope entertainment penciling several works for their Grimm Fairy Tales title and a brief run on 1001 Arabian Night: The Adventures of Sinbad, written by Dan Wickline.

Currently Brent is the co-creator and penciler of The Last of the Greats from Image Comics, written by Eisner and Harvey nominee Joshua Fialkov

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