If you are at all like me, I know that you will always remember the first time you saw the preview of Saga #1, and the controversy it spawned. Controversy so layered and deep that it makes you stop, look deep inside youself and ask the key question that is at the core of all of us:

Who the hell is Dave Dorman?

But all kidding aside, I am positively drooling for Saga. I was at SDCC when they made the announcement that Brian K. Vaughan was coming back to comics, and I’ve been chomping at the bit ever since. Y: The Last Man was one of my favourite books during it’s run and based on the number of copies that still sell as paperbacks, still resonates with readers, new and old.

As far as Saga goes, Fiona Staples is a hell of an artist, so I can’t wait to see what kind of world these two build.

Today’s page was done by Antonio Bifulco:

Antonio Bifulco lives and works in Marigliano, Italy (near Naples). Antonio received his art degree at the Art Academy of Naples. He started his professional work in the comic industry in 2007 as inker and colorist. Shortly after, he moved onto pencils and painting. His credits are spread across several international comic, card game and video companies.

Happy New Comics Day, folks! See you back here Friday!


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