We Both Made Mistakes

It seems that Moss is covering my ass with posts of late more often than not, but as it leaves me the time to actually write them, I’m okay with it.

Still. Today’s page? The post is all mine.

Certainly you all remember a fellow named Rob Granito?  He’s the dude who had a habit of stealing other people’s work and passing it off as his own. Not to mention his embellishments of his resume (he claimed to have worked on Calvin & Hobbes for one).

Oh yes. That Rob Granito.

Well, fortunately for me (ye olde  industry comedy writer), he’s back. This time he’s asking for your forgiveness through a petition, though not actually admitting to any wrong doing.

Me thinks it’s past time for Granito to tap out of the comics industry he was never in and seek employment elsewhere.

Today’s page was done by Douglas Sirois:

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Douglas A. Sirois graduated from the Art Institute of Boston in 2001 earning himself a BFA in illustration. He has a Master of Fine Arts degree in illustration from CalState, Fullerton. He has been an adjunct professor at California State University, Fullerton and at the Art Institute of Boston. He also serves as Art Director for Edge of LA Productions. Doug specializes in Fantasy illustration and concept design.

Get a good start to the week, folks, and we’ll see you on Wednesday.

And remember: Granito Loves You.


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