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Sometimes there is just so much going on in comics, it’s hard to keep up. We can only parody so much, and it’s so hard when there is so much to make fun of. So, what we end up with is a trifecta of funny book headlines. Comicon, slanderous court battles, the desert… it’s all there. So with regards to the three stories mentioned here:

1.) Comicon costing more due to a large expansion of the San Diego Convention center. Frankly, I’ve been to SDCC and more room can only be a benefit to everyone involved. Plus, ComiCon Hotels cost so much at this point, it almost doesn’t make a difference if it costs more.

2.) As someone pointed out, when you are so much of a jerk that a court orders you NOT to go to work for the sake of your co-workers, that says something. When said job is as CEO of Archie Comics, that says even more.

3.) Aquaman in the desert. Such a brilliantly simple plan, and upon reading, turns out to be a really fun story. Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis have actually made Aquaman cool and turned him into a (pardon the pun) deep character. From the “Words I Never Thought I’d Say” file: Aquaman is totally my favourite book right now.


Today’s newsreel has been brought to us by Bob Petrecca:

Bob Petrecca started his professional comic book career in 1990 in-house at Marvel Comics as one of John Romita’s Raiders, after which moving onto full-time freelance inking and finishing work for Marvel, DC and Continuity Comics. Some of the titles include: Captain America, Thor, Doctor Strange, What If…, Hyperkind and Wraitheart (with Clive Barker), Ms. Mystic, Justice League of America, Action Comics, Birds of Prey, Justice League Unlimited, Green Lantern and Batman to name a few. As well as an accomplished inker, he has also a versatile penciler.

An accomplished screenwriter, Bob has developed a working relationship with producer/director Patrick Durham and his artwork is featured in the movie “Cross” starring Brian Austin Green.  He is currently preparing to begin work on another of Durham’s films, “Lurking Fear” slated for a spring 2012 shoot to be directed by C. Thomas Howell.

Be good, my friends! See you back here Monday!


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