Bros No Mo, Yo

I know I will always remember where I was when I heard The Infinitewas over.

Like the Kennedy Assassination and ’72 Summit Series, I know it is an event that will live on in infamy for our generation and the generations to come.

But seriously, I was actually kind of sad to see this title go under the way it did. Not because it was a particularly great book, but because it was one that came from two friends who love comics, wanting to do something together. From what I hear of both Kirkman and Liefeld, they are great guys and hopefully these “creative differences” won’t affect their friendship long-term.

…and that’s about as touchy-feely as you can expect me to get about a book about a guy who goes back in time to recruit himself to fight a battle to save himself from his own arch enemy. Who is probably also himself. Or something.

Either way, both guys are on to bigger and better things and we wish them luck and success so that we may make fun of them again at a later date.

Today’s page was brought to life by the wonderful Chris Eliopoulos:

Chris Eliopoulos is an Eisner and Harvey nominated wrier/artist/letterer, having written and drawn Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius and written Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers, both for Marvel Entertainment. He’s the author of the webcomic Misery Loves Sherman and currently is the artist on Cow Boy coming from Archaia in March 2012.

Seriously, check out Cow Boy when it hits. It looks like such a fun book! Until then though, enjoy New Comics Day everyone! See you back here on Friday!



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