Wash, Rinse, Repeat

I would like to say with all kidding aside, we here at Gutters have a great relationship with Dynamite Entertainment. In fact, you’ll probably notice more than a few names that cross over between their roster of artists and ours.

I’ve really enjoyed some of the titles that they’ve rejuvenated, especially Green Hornet. As a long-time fan of the character, it’s great to see that it’s still going strong and playing off of the world that Kevin Smith laid out.

Also, Dynamite deserves a lot of credit for taking a risk on a series that was deemed by certain other “edgy” pubishers to be “too much” in The Boys. It’s been a favourite of mine over its 60+ issues and it’s one of the best-selling collected editions in our store.

So, there is a great amount of respect here for the people that work so hard a Dynamite to make the company the success that it is.

But, that said, sometimes… just sometimes… it seems to us outside the Dynamite inner circle like their approach might be a little formulaic.

Just a little.

Today’s mold-shattering page was drawn by the talented Mike DeCarlo:

Mike DeCarlo was born on March 14, 1957 in New Haven, CT. After graduating Notre Dame High School and studying art for 2 years at Southern CT ST College, he began his professional career as sports cartoonist for The New Haven Register in 1977. He left that position in 1979 to begin apprenticeship with the legendary Dick Giordano and after 18 months branched off to begin a solo career in the comic book industry. Over the next dozen years, he worked primarily as an ink artist on such titles as Batman, Teen Titans, Green Lantern, Thor, Iron Man and Conan the Barbarian. In the last decade, in addition to the work he now does for The Simpsons comic company Bongo Entertainment, he works for Disney Worldwide Publishing on Phineas & Ferb, Marvel Superheroes Magazine and Spider-Man Magazine. Mike is happily married since 1981 and has raised 4 children and currently resides in Stratford, CT.

Enjoy the start to the week, friends! We’ll see you here Wednesday!



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