Please, Tease Me


Before we get too far into it, I’m sure that there will be some kind of thing with Iron Man’s suit where the metal isn’t magnetic because of Stark-Tech Nanites or some other advanced polymer that we haven’t yet heard about.

But, when pairing X-People up with Avenger-Folks to fight, could they really not have found someone else to go up against Magneto? Someone that wouldn’t immediately call to mind the questions we’re asking now? Like Gilgamesh, The Forgotten One for example.

Also, this slew of teasers for Avengers Vs X-Men really aren’t teasing anything. In fact, they aren’t saying much more than what the title of the story has alreay told us: Various Avengers will fight various X-Men

With that said though, and all “teasers” aside, I’m still loking forward to the kickoff of this event. I can’t say how it will play out, or who be left by the end (Reader or Character), but I’m ready to see how we’re going to get into it.

And we get into it with today’s page thanks to the talented Mervyn McKoy:

Mervyn McKoy is a freelance artist currently working out of his studio in sunny Florida.  A graduate of the Art Institute and founding member of Paperlab Studios, Mervyn’s work spans across comics, video games, animation, and beyond.  Recently included in the Flaming C Art Gallery and Known for his pop culture parody artwork, he has been praised and Lampooned across various sites and podcasts including Destructoid, IGN and Gamespy.  As an illustrative assassin, Mervyn’s comic credits include The Terminus Tales Anthology and his creator-owned projects Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew and the forthcoming C-Listers.

Have a great weekend, friends! We’ll see you back here Monday!


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