Is That Still A Thing?

I’ll be honest. Since we didn’t see much of her beyond the #1 issues of the New 52, I had completely forgotten about the hooded woman. But now she has a name.

Pandora. Say it with me, Pandora.

Does this make me more or less interested in her? Is it an interesting allusion to her having a large and chaotic involvement in the way the New 52 universe unfolds? Is it an over-use of an already over-used name? Is it DC’s way of making a subtle stab at a certain jewellery company?

Probably not that last one.

Either way, I’m curious to see how she fits into things. I think as the stories of the New 52 rolled on into their 5th issues this month, many of us forgot that supposedly there a was storyline reason for all the changes. So, we’ll have to see how that plays out.

In the meantime, today’s page was brought to us by the exceptional Eric Maruscak:

Eric Maruscak is an artist from Upstate NY with nearly 20 years of experience as an Illustrator and Cartoonist. His focus is in Concept Art and Sequential Illustration for comic books and graphic novels, but he is most well-known for the giant chalk art murals he has been creating at conventions across the United States since 2004. He has performed at New york Comic Con, San Diego Comic Con, C2E2, the New York Anime Festival, the Baltimore Otakon, the Penny Arcade Expo, Star Wars Celebration, and a number of Wizard World conventions. Some of Eric’s clients have included 2K Games, DC Comics, Lucasfilm, Marvel Entertainment, Nintendo of America, FUNimation, Entertainment, Warner Brothers, and more. Full time-lapse videos of his 30+ hour convention murals, plus other illustration work, can be seen on his website at

Seriously, if you haven’t seen Eric’s work in chalk you should look it up right away. Gorgeous work.

Have a wonderful weekend folks! Say a prayer for The Lions and we’ll see you here on Monday!


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