Da Wiz-ninter Siz-noldjah, Yo!

Well, Well, Well! Lookee here at this brand-new year! I’ve got a good feeling about 2012, friends. There is going to be a lot of cool stuff filling shelves in the next 12 months.

One of these series is of course, Brubaker and Guice’s Winter Soldier, due at the beginning of Feb.

I was really enjoying what this pair was doing with Bucky in Captain America, and I can only assume they are readying us for more. I trust that they can catch lightning in the bottle again and do for James what they did for Steve.

On that path to redemption though, I can’t be the only one out there who hopes Bucky at least considers a few of his other options.

Today’s page was booty-popped into being by Rantz Hoseley:

Rantz Hoseley is a caffeine-swilling, profanity-spewing force of dark comic matter who’s been kicking around the comic industry since 1987. Having worked on everything from Phil Foglio’s “XXXenophile” to the OGN adaptation of Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” he was nominated in 2009 for the British Fantasy Award (which he didn’t win) The Eisner Award (which he did win), and the Harvey Award (also a win) for “Comic Book Tattoo.” For the last three years, Rantz has been working in the world of digital comics, & the “evolution of narratives in digital entertainment” with his company LongBox, Inc.  Because he’s a firm believer in the powers of caffeine and scoffs at the notion that human beings need sleep, he’s also working on an OGN called “LIFT,” about a little-known skunkworks project at NASA in the 1950s.

Be good my friends, and we’ll see you here on Friday!



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