Was Once A Man

I know that we were all schocked and saddened by the loss of Cobra Commander..

(Wait, that happened? Really? OK, then.)

But the real questions still lie ahead. What direction will Cobra take? Will Baroness ever be able to get that Lasik Eye Surgery covered by Cobra’s health plan? And what, what I ask, has become of the Weather Dominator?

In all seriousness though, IDW has done a pretty go job taking franchises like GI Joe, Transformers, Etc, and keeping them relevant. I know that some of their stories have been derived from the classic comics, or even shows themselves, but keeping these characters in the public eye in between blockbuster movies is a good thing and if we can do it with a bit of cool story, all’s the better.

What I really liked about the issue in which the new Cobra Commander was revealed (GI Joe #8, I believe) was the cover. It had a latex scratch-off area, not unlike a lottery ticket, that you could scratch to reveal the identity of the new Cobra Commander. I’m not usually one for gimmicky covers, but I had never seen anything like that before. When you read as many comics as I have over the years, that’s sayin’ something.

At any rate though, today’s page made it through the Terrordrome’s Arena of Sport thanks to Steve Scott:

Steve Scott’s work has been seen in the pages of such titles as Justice League of America, Marvel Adventures Hulk, X-Men Forever, Batman Dark Knight, Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods and most recently, Batman. In addition to the published work, he has done artwork for the TV Series, Smallville and his work can be seen in the Sneak Peak for the upcoming JLA movie, Doom. Currently, Steve is working away on Kirby Genesis, Captain Victory in his studio at 3 Alarm Comics in Biloxi Mississippi and can be seen this year as the co host of the Down the Road show.

Take care everyone and enjoy the week! We will see you here Wednesday!


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