Valiant Effort… Kinda

I know that this is comics, which is essentially where the re-hash was born, but taking another swing at making Valiant viable seems almost…cruel.

Valiant had it’s day. It was a great company during a boom-time of comics and the company ran it’s course. Let’s leave it at that, shall we? Like a college girlfriend, there’s no need to dig up the past now that everyone’s moved on, especially after everyone’s gotten their CD’s back.

Who knows, maybe I just don’t have the same love of the Valiant characters that others do and there really is a big market for these books and characters out there. Maybe I’m just cranky, or gassy. Perhaps Valiant is what’s been missing from comics.

Or, maybe, just maybe, in 5 years I’ll find the 2012 Valiant comics in the same place their 1990’s counterparts are: The dollar bin.

The valiant effort on today’s page (sorry, couldn’t help myself) was made by Uko Smith:

Uko Smith, a Washington, D.C. native now living in Columbus, Oh graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design with a degree in Illustration/ design and a minor in fashion. Inspirational artists that Uko has admired throughout the years are Frazetta, Michelangelo, Robert McGinnis, John Byrne, Kevin Nowlan, Serpieri, Bridgman, Vargas, Petty, Nagel, Larry Stroman, just to name a few. Uko recently finished both the pencils and inks on the graphic novel titled FX-The Lost Land, written by Wayne Osborne that was published by IDW in 2011. Uko is also doing creator owned properties of sequential and concept art while still doing freelancing works for other companies. He also teaches The Comic Book Illustration classes and Continuing Education courses at The Columbus College of Art & Design.

Be good, my friends and we will see you here Friday!


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