Right? Right.

As my chances of ever being invited to a Marvel writer’s retreat diminish with every passing day, I’m left to my own devices to imagine what such a thing might look like. Specifically, what was the conversation that led to X-men Vs Avengers?

Never having been to one, I can still say with nearly 100% certainty, that the above page is completely accurate.

I’ll take the resounding silence from the “architects” as agreement.

Today’s page was done by Eric Jimenez:

Eric Jimenez is a Comic Book artist who was born and raised in Chicago, where he currently resides. He’s worked as a penciler and inker on BOOM! Studios’ Warhammer series and self-published his creator-owned project, TEMPORAL. Jimenez is currently working on several independent comic projects and illustrating a children’s book, as well as providing inking assists on various DC, Bongo, and Soleil books.

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