Ozymandias Dance!

I think that no matter how much I wish… or pray… or sacrifice to the comics Gods…

… Watchmen 2 is going to happen.

I am remined of a band that I loved when I was younger named Snot (seriously). They had an amazing album called “Get Some” and then tragically, their lead singer died in a car accident.

I was really bummed out knowing that there would be no more classic Snot records, but a friend of mine clamed me down with one simple phrase: “Well… at least they never sucked.”

And that’s how I feel about Watchmen and the idea of Watchmen sequels, prequels, one-shots or backup strips. Watchmen is, and always will be, a classic tale that helped define the modern comics age. Anything you add to that can only dilute the legacy of the original.

Sometimes, when something is great, it’s enough for it to just be great. In the years to come, I want to be able to say to my kids “This is Watchmen. It never sucked.”

Today’s page was done by the talented Neil Googe:

Neil Googe has been working on and off in comics for close to 15 years. Getting his break with Antarctic Press on titles like Shotgun Mary and Magic Priests, he then went on to work at UK company 2000ad on the likes of Judge Dredd. He was one third of the trio who launched Com.X, responsible for creating Bazooka Jules among other things. Since departing Com.X he has been working with Wildstorm on titles like Majestic, Welcome to Tranquility and Wildcats, and is currently working on a World of Warcraft OGN due to be released early next year.

Lots of great stuff on the shelves this week, so head out to your local comic shop and buy some books! See ya back here Friday!


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