Return of The Mullet

I need to speak out about something, making one issue very clear, before I get on about today’s page.

Every single Gutters page is attributed to me as the writer, meaning I am responsible for every panel on every page.

The artist of the page, as well as the team behind Gutters, are all on a work for hire basis. In layman’s terms, we pay them to draw, letter, color and edit my script, they do so.

Should you find yourself the subject matter of a Gutters page, and take offense to it, don’t go after my artists. Should you be so offended that you attempt to get someone fired from their day job, don’t be a coward.

Come after me.

My e-mail is, I will gladly provide you with my contact information, as well as that of our legal department.

I take sole responsibility for every comic and news post on this site.

Don’t you dare go after one of my artists.

I’m a much better target.

That said, should an artist request that I remove a page, I will do so in a heartbeat in such a situation. Of course, I reserve the right to have the page redrawn at my leisure.

Moving on, it’s been said by those in the know, that a MacGyver series has been in the works over at Image. I don’t know when, how or by whom it will be done, but I know one thing:

I wish I had a mullet.

Todays page was drawn using a spork, a French fry and a sponge by Jeremy Dale:

Jeremy Dale is a comic book artist best known for his work on G.I. Joe comics for Hasbro with creator Larry Hama as well as the Harvey Award-winning Popgun v.1 from Image Comics and Miserable Dastards (recently optioned as a feature film).  He is currently working on several projects, including the creator-owned Skyward series. He is a featured guest at several shows, conventions, and signings every year.

We’ll see you on Wednesday, folks.


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