And Many More!

What can I say? He had me at “Kirby+18.”

And that’s really what it comes down to with ol’ Stan The Man these days. He’s just so loveable and old you can’t help but smile every time he Excelsiors his way around a convention or Marvel Movie. He really is a treasure not only to our industry, but to popular culture on the whole.

Let me say on behalf of all of us here at Gutters, come Dec 28th, Happy Birthday, Stan! You’re our favourite octogenarian, and may you live healthy and strong enough to be our favourite centenarian as well!

Now, with all that said, someone… anyone, please stop him from creating more books.


Today’s celebratory page was done by Kez Wilson:

As a comic book illustrator and writer Kez Wilson has worked for most of the major comic publishers (Marvel. DC, Harris). He co-created (with Tom Joyner) two comic series HAMMERLOCKE (Science Fiction adventure) and SCARLETT (a complex tale of vampires) both published in the 90’s by DC Comics. As an animator, his feature film credits include SPACE JAM, QUEST FOR CAMELOT, THE KING AND I, and the television pilot for KING OF THE HILL.

Take care and we’ll see you here Monday!


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