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The Comic Convention is a funny thing these days.

I have found that it’s become much more about a social scene and more about embracing popular culture and a certain community than it has any one medium or area of fandom. This is not a bad thing as I think Fandom carries a much broader scope these days and just because you dig Sci-Fi doesn’t mean you wont have fun at a comic convention or vice versa.

But when I heard that Image was going to hold it’s own convention, Image Expo, I have to say my first reaction was “we need another con like Batman needs another ongoing title.”

Supposedly the Image Expo will be more focused on independant and creator-owned comics, but I don’t really know if taking out the Marvel and DC booths are really going to change the atmosphere all that much. After all, at San Diego this year the Image booth seemed to be bigger than the Marvel one and let’s not forget those Infinite #1 SDCC Deluxe Editions that are currently warming retailer shelves all across the continent.

I have two if anyone’s interested.

Today’s page comes to us via Joe St. Pierre:

Joe St.Pierre has illustrated some of the most recognizable superhero characters in comics history, including several Amazing Spider-Man specials, 2 Venom mini-series, and other projects featuring Gambit, Wolverine, the X-Men, Spider-Man 2099, Deadpool, Aquaman, Batman, Superman, The Outsiders, Green Lantern and the Transformers. Joe’s commercial clients have included publications(the New York Times, Details Magazine), animation studios(MTV Animation, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network) television(Animal Planet, ITV) and video game companies(Acclaim and Vicarious Visions/Activision). Joe is currently working with The Amazing Kreskin on his forthcoming book and multi-media event planned for later this year. Joe co-created and originally published MegahurtzÆ at Image Comics, which is now a featured comic strip on the MTV Geek website.

Have a good weekend my friends and we will see you here Monday!


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