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When the news hit oh so long ago that IDW was entering the realm of the “comic crossover event” it was met with skepticism and dread, admittedly from me.

Despite that, the thought of all these properties from my youth playing around together was too good to pass up, and I was there cash in hand when Infestation Issue #1 hit the stands. Likewise with Issue 2 and all the rest.

What I hadn’t foreseen was that somehow, the powers that be at IDW were able to weave these very different universes together to tell one solid story. Lo and behold, I enjoyed the hell out of it.

At the end of last week, IDW announced Infestation 2.

There was no skepticism to be found anywhere in the immediate vicinity.

Today’s page was done by Denis Calero:

Dennis Calero is the award winning and internationally recognized artist of X-Men: Noir and Legion of Superheroes. He has also leant his talents to CCG Properties such as Magic andLegend of the Five Rings, as well as Dungeons & Dragons. His work includes X-Men Noir : Mark of Cain, X-Factor, 28 Days Later: The Aftermath, Cowboys and Aliens, Dark Tower, Fallen Angel, Hawkgirl, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes, Magic The Gathering, Countdown to Final Crisis, Wolverine: First Class and JSA Classified. During his tenure on X-Factor the title was nominated for the Harvey Award for Best New Series (2006). Calero has also provided illustrations sporadically for role-playing games, beginning in 1996 for White Wolf. He has done interior artwork forDungeons & Dragons books for the Forgotten Realms setting, such as Silver Marches,Faiths and Pantheons, and Races of Faer?n. Calero also  co-founded Atomic Paintbrush, one of the first computer-coloring companies working in the comic-book field.

We’ll see you back here on Friday, folks.


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