Off His Lawn

Obviously I’m a huge supporter of free speech, but with the right comes a certain responsibility. Part of that responsibility means that just because you can say something, doesn’t mean you always should.

I don’t begrudge anyone speaking their mind, but the backlash shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Labeling an entire political movement as rapists?

Maybe not Frank Miller’s best plan.

Today’s page was done by Wes Huffor:

Wes Huffor started out working for small press publishers in the Los Angeles, Riverside and Inland Empire. In 2008, Huffor released Charnel House, a Horror and Crime Anthology under the flag of UK based publisher Broken Voice. As a nod to Classic Crime and Horror with some modern twists, the stories in Charnel House were written by several writers from the US and UK with Huffor’s pencil and ink throughout. Charnel House was distributed worldwide in 2009. Huffor, who has an international stable of fans, was honored in 2011 by having one of his original illustrations chosen to be added to the Edgar Allen Poe cottage in the Bronx, NY, by the Historic House Trust of New York, a protected historic monument, which has been recently restored with the addition of a contemporary museum. Wes Huffor’s illustration remains there as a permanent feature in the wall of Poe’s NY home. Wes is currently working with noted Director/Producers Darin Scott and Ed Polgarty on a Horror comic book series entitled The Wrath. The series is planned for US release in early 2012.

It’s going to be a good week, folks, call it a feeling.


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