Dropping The Axe

I haven’t figured out if it’s worse to be Frank Miller this week, or on the creative team of a low-selling Marvel title.

Indeed, it’s been a rough week at the House of Ideas, with several series getting the axe, including Ghost Rider, Black Panther and the above-mentioned X-23. While many will look at this as a negative, my optimistic side hopes that we will finally learn the true origins to X-23 (also mentioned above).

The other thing I’ve always found amusing is “Department K,” especially being Canadian. The government doesn’t have enough money to build proper roads, yet somehow the export of logs and maple syrup were enough to fund a top secret research station to experiment on mutants.

To be fair, if I ever got into politics, that would be basically be my platform.

Today’s page was done by Mark Dos Santos:

Mark Dos Santos, a Kubert School Alumni, left New Jersey for sunny California to pursue a career in animation as a storyboard artist and character designer. He quickly became involved in comics producing independent titles. Mark has done work for Western Tales of Terror, Monkey vs Lemur, Zenescopes Grimm Fairy Tales, Fall of Cthulhu Godwar, Eureka : Dormant Gene for Boom Studios, IT! The Terror from Beyond Space for IDW and cover work for Hack/Slash from Devil’s Due. He has also done sketch cards for Inkworks, Strictly Ink and Rittenhouse on such properties as Hellboy Animated, Family Guy, 2000AD, Ray Harryhousen, Marvel and DC COMICS. Mark is currently working on an unannounced project with Steve Seagle which will be published in 2011 by Image.

Have a good weekend, folks, we’ll see you on Monday.


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