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They say that the good die young. In comics however, the good rarely stay dead, young or old.

I kind of suspected that we’d be seeing Bucky again sooner rather than later when I saw his untimely “demise” in Fear Itself. There was not enough hoopla and fanfare surrounding the alleged fall of Bucky-Cap, and it just seemed a little too glossed-over to be lasting.

I know that death and resurrection are among the top 5 of comic fans’ complaints (right up there with “reboots” and Wonder Woman’s pants), but in this case I don’t mind it. Much like Dick Grayson’s turn as Batman, Bucky’s days with Cap’s shield were numbered to begin with, and I find this to be a more interesting way to hand the mantle back over. Plus, a Winter Soldier series by Ed Brubaker makes a few faked deaths worth it.

Today’s page was brought back to life by Jason Brown:

Jason Brown is an illustrator and video game artist hailing from San Francisco, California. He loves bacon, comic books, and wearing Vibram Finger Shoes just to freak people out.

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