The Blurting Dead

You can absolutely count me among the folks who looks forward to new episodes of The Walking Dead every week. I think that they’ve done a great job adapting the series and maintaining the tone of the comics, even when events differ.

That said… am I the only one finding this season a little slow?

I don’t necessarily mean the tempo of the show, more just that they’ve been looking for a litle girl for almost 4 episodes now. Also, WAY more talking this season.

But, even with all that as I mentioned before I am one of the ones lining up for the new episode every week. I don’t know where one would line up to view a TV show, but you get what I mean.

No matter what though, I’d much rather watch the zombies on The Walking Dead than the zombies on The View. Regardless of Kirkman’s involvement in either show.

Today’s Kirkman-tastic page was done by Dave Lanphear:

Dave Lanphear is the nucleus of the Eisner-winning Artmonkeys Studios, and creates art and stories that are seen worldwide in comics, TV shows and films. His most recent work has included storyboarding Ultimate Spider-Man. Artmonkeys Studios is for hire at and

Stay well my friends, and we’ll see you here Friday!



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