Not Just For Kids

I don’t really have much to say when it comes to ol’ Usagi Yojimbo. I haven’t aver really read much about him, but I do think it’s important in this little comic book world of ours to mark milestone issues such as this. No matter the character or creator, it’s always nice to see a title enjoying longevity and reaching these points.

Also, if I may, I find Trix to be a highly overrated cereal. Give me some frosted mini wheats any day.

Todays sugary breakfast slaughter-fest comes to us via Steven Uy:

Steve Uy is best known for his fully penciled, inked and colored cover and interior works on Marvel and DC titles such as Uncanny X-Men, Iceman, Avengers Initiative, JSA Classified, and Legion of Superheroes in the 31st Century. He is also the creator and artist of Feather and Jova’s Harvest, published through Image and Arcana. Steve is currently the creator, artist, and director of the upcoming SRPG, World Without End, for iOS and Android devices.

Take care and enjoy the beginning of a new week!


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