Up North, Too North to Care

After the madness that is the summer, I’m finally settled back into the office enough that I may reclaim these here blog posts a little more often than I’ve been doing.

Did you miss me?

Because I missed you.

Did I make this weird?I made this weird.

News broke last week that Marvel was doing some cost-cutting layoffs and dropped the axe on many talented folks. I’ve no doubt that smaller publishers are already scooping them up.

Following that, it was revealed that Alpha Flight, the series that chronicles Canada’s dominant (only?) super hero team of the same name.

One has to assume that low sales was the reason for the cancelation, but I prefer to rationalize that the team was at fault, for failing to resonate with a modern audience. Or, that Vindicator is a bit of a dick.

Todays Maple-Syrup-free page was done by suitably Canadian Ian Navarro:

Ian Navarro is an aspiring comic book artist, born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. Currently, Ian is working as a freelance artist and illustrator. He attended the Alberta College of Art and Design, majoring in visual communications.

There’s plenty of good stuff coming out today, folks, so why not take a trip to your local comic book shop?

We’ll see you on Friday.


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