Did you know that 1% of the world’s superheroes control 25% of the world’s wealth?*

It’s true. I mean, the Avengers have a Mansion. A MANSION!

And I’m not even counting the off-world heroes like Black Bolt and the Inhumans. Their money comes straight from the oil deposits in the Terrigan Mists, y’know.*

Just how do you think Dr. Doom is able to pay for all of those Doombots running Latveria while he’s out gallavanting with the Future Foundation? Government bailouts, that’s how.*

Actually, all kidding aside I support any form of non-violent protest, and agree or disagree no one can take away attention that these folks and their movement have gotten.

But still… Batman Inc might just be too big to fail…

Today’s page occupies this website thanks to Robert Gill:

Robert Gill has been professionally drawing comics for many years, working with a number of independent publishers. His more recent projects (that have yet to be released) consist of several graphic novels and a handful of covers for Arcana Comics, along with a growing body of work for Zenescope, including two issues of the recent series The Theater and the next story arc of Fly. He studied illustration at The Art Institute of Boston, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2001. Now living north of Boston, he toils away endlessly at the drafting table while pursuing his dream of working full time in comics. Robert is currently penciling the forthcoming Alice in Wonderland series for Zenescope to be released in December.

Also, I’m proud to mention that if you are in the Montreal area, the doors of The 4th Wall East are officially open! Details on grand opening celebrations are imminent, but after months of talking, weeks of building and days of dusting I’m so very excited for folks to come in and poke around!

So if you’re in the area come say hi! And if you’re not, we’ll see you here on Monday!


*Statistics provided by the Department of MSU.

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