Then Vs Now Vs Then

Ah the times, how they change.

Digital is the new chromium cover it seems, and who knows how the long-term digital landscape will shape up. Two things are for certain though:

1.) The occasional digital issue is great, but I personally still prefer the print copies.

2.) Digital is here to stay and an incredibly effective tool towards bringing in new readers.

As far as older issues though, being not much of a completist myself, I recently went through the same process as Joe & Dan. Not the questionable photos part, but the sorting, boxing and then getting rid of about 1/3 of the comics I’ve amassed over the years. I’ve got a lot of issues of things that will never have any kind of value, and have even less sentimental value, so I figure I’m OK to lose them.

Will I replace them digitally? Probably not. As I mentioned, reading the ocassional issue digitally, or checking out a preview or freebie is fun, but I still don’t see myself amassing a digital “collection” the way I would have in the past with print comics. More of a “read, delete, then download again if I want to re-read it” Kind of situation.

I will say though, it is fun to see the new arena lf “One-Upsmanship” between the big comic companies being the digital arena.

Today’s page comes to us all the way from Poland via P.R. Dedelis:

Przemyslaw R. Dedelis has been a full-time freelance comic book artist for over a year now. Currently, he’s working on webcomics (Twilight Lady, Void, Lightweitz), small-press projects (Action Hero Mandy #1 and Drualus #1), Nightmare Fighter with Sissy Pantelis and Lya Mangaka (for which they will be looking for a publishers) as well as slowly creating his own stories and characters. If between all this he still finds some time, he likes to spend time with his girlfriend (who’s the most understanding person in all the universes and alternative realities) and watch series from The CW Network.

Just a final funny note on today’s page: The comic that Dan is holding is Dark Reign Fantastic Four #1. It was chosen completely at random by P.R. but as it turns out was lettered by our very own Rus Wooten. Small, small comics world.

Take care, and we’ll see you here Wednesday!


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