Be All You Can Be

Before we begin, i want to mention that Sohmer, Lar, Rich and the boys, as well as several Gutters artists (past, present and future) will be attending New York Comicon this coming weekend. The guys will have all the Gutters books, mousepads, lanyards and laughs that you can shake a stick at over at the Blind Ferret Booth, which is #1821.

I would also like to say for the record that I am in no way jealous that they are attending NYCC in beautiful New York City and I would encourage every last one of you to stop by the booth kick them in the shins– er, stop by for a hug and a chat.

So, if you’re there be sure and enjoy yourself twice as hard for me!

Now, on to other matters.

There is no one in the world that likes some good cosplay more than I. Also, community service has been an important part of my life since I was very young. I would never think poorly of someone who was genuinely just trying to make his town a better place.

When it comes to Pheonix Jones and other “real life” superheroes however… all I can feel is a signifcant amount of worry.

Seriously guys, I’m begging you. Pack it in. At the risk of sounding like an “adult,” someone is going to get hurt or worse. There are a million ways to contribute to your community without resorting to untrained confrontations with genuinely dangerous people.

Study, work hard and become a public servant in the best way you can. Putting yourself in harms way doesn’t help anyone.

Except the internet, and I assure you: they aren’t laughing with you.


Today’s page has been brought to us by the always fantastic Hawk:

Hawk, more formally known as Mohammad F. Haque (read: it’s on his business card), leads a double life: innovative artist/illustrator by day, lightning-fingered techie by night. He currently juggles several projects and job titles, including concept designer/illustrator for Quantum Mechanix based in Los Angeles, graphic artist/developer for Protein Media Inc. based in Washington DC and co-creator/artist of the webcomic “Applegeeks”. At Quantum Mechanix, he plays with dolls…err, designs officially licensed maquettes for Serenity/”Firefly”, “Dr. Who” and Star Trek. When Hawk isn’t designing or drawing, he captures the world through the lens of his Nikon D90 or experiments with new techniques and art forms in his batcave (read: basement). He hails from the Maryland/DC area and scored a degree in Graphic Design and Art from the University of Maryland.

Stay safe my friends, and we’ll see you here on Friday!


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