Gutters Continues…

After doing close to 2500 strips for Least I Could Do, and 400 pages of Looking For Group, you wouldn’t think I’d be this pleased with hitting Strip #2 for Gutters.

Yet here we are. And with the big #2, we now actually have an archive.

Indeed, it’s the small things in life that should be celebrated.

Today’s page is done by the multi-talented Brent Schoonover:

Brent Schoonover was born in small town called South Beloit Illinois, filling his brain with horror movies, comics, and cartoons. Choosing to draw fantastic characters as oppose to doing his homework, Brent moved to the twin cities to pursue a degree in Illustration at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Since graduating Brent has become a freelance illustrator based in St. Paul, MN by day, and comic book artist by night. His creator owned project Horrorwood was published in 2006 by Ape Entertainment.

Keep and eye out for more of Brent’s work here in the future.


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