Nothing To Do With Jack Bauer

24 Hour Comics Day.

Both an amazingly fun time for those who love comics, and also a nightmarish ordeal for those who love sleep.

Nick and myself joined Sohmer and Lar as they participated in 24 Hour Comics Day a few years ago, in Kingston, Ontario. It was a really fun time, but it was a stretch. The breaking point came at around 5am. Sohmer was sleeping on stolen couch cushions on the floor of the store, and Lar had begun to doodle things that were adorable and disturbing at the same time.

I still see them… when I sleep….

But I digress, they hammered out 24 strips in 24 hours, much fun was had, and all was well.

Finally, I want to note that there are a huge number of extremely talented artists from the Phillipines (many of whom have graced this site) and if you want to know where some of the most innovative and talented comics artists are coming from these days, look no further.

And the hours aren’t that bad. Or so I’ve heard.

Today’s page was brought to us by one hell of a nice guy, Kelly Tindall:

Kelly Tindall wrote and drew the adventures of Archie Snow, the leopard-headed adventurer, in nearly thirty issues of the acclaimed Image comic Proof before going on to supply artwork for This is a Souvenir (Image), Machine of Death (Bearstache), I Saw You (Three Rivers), Zombie Bomb (Terminal Press), and Matinee Eclectica (Dirty Third). Besides providing colors and letters for other books (such as Green Wake), Kelly draws the weekly webcomic That’s So Kraven! (where Raven-Symone is removed from her own show and replaced with a Spider-Man villain) and spends time with his wife and super-awesome baby daughter.

I’m also told it took him way less than 24 hours.

Be good, my friends! See you here next week with a very, very special page!


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