Through The Looking Glass

I will admit right up front: I’ve never watched Doctor Who.

As a kid, it used to come on in the afternoon right after Transformers and the opening terrified me. So generally speaking, I avoided the doctor until this explosion of Who popularity caught me off guard a few years ago.

And its everywhere! Suddenly, every website, message board and convention is awash with Dr. Who.

I can admit, the idea of the show is brilliant. The regeneration of the Doctor allows for it to continue perpetually forever. People have such emotional debates as to who the best Doctor is. They get so worked up, you’d think they were debating pre-crisis DC continuity or something.

I suppose one day I will get into the newer Doctor Who series (the English girl in my employ at The 4th Wall is very insistent) but for now, I will simply feign outrage that a Yankee is putting words in the Doctor’s mouth.

“The Shame!” I cry. “The Horror! It is an absolute insult to… something!”

And so on.

Today’s page has been brought to us Dalek-free by Howie Noel:

Howie Noel is the writer and artist of the online comic Tara Normal, which also appears in every issue of TAPS Paramagazine, the official magazine of the crew from TV’s Ghost Hunters. He created the graphic novel Mr. Scootles and his past illustration clients include CBS Radio, Troma and Dave & Buster’s. Howie firmly believes that the show Californication is a direct sequel to the X-Files.

My girlfriend who is doped up in preperation for a root canal is now chanting “Tardis… Tardis…” to no one in particular, so I must go. Be good my friends, and we’ll see you here Friday!


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