Where’s What’s-her-name?

Here’s the funny thing about the mysterious woman who has been folded into the pages of every new issue compromising DC’s New 52:

I keep forgetting to look for her.

It isn’t until someone like Bleeding Cool points out all of her appearances that I remember that I’m supposed to be looking for her. Even then, I honestly don’t go back and look.

Bad attempt at connecting the New 52 books? Or lazy reader on my part?

Only time will tell as the role of the mystery woman is revealed.

I would bet on the latter though.

Today’s page was done by the never lazy but often mysterious Ryan Lee:

Ryan Lee is a freelance illustrator/designer diligently working out of his home studio surrounded by foxes and spiders in Northwestern Michigan. Since his graduation from the College for Creative Studies in 1999, he has been steadily working in various creative mediums including (but not limited to) illustration, advertising, graphic design, character design, fine art painting, and storyboards. Most recently, Ryan has refocused his work efforts on the comic book industry, a passion of his since he first picked up a pen as a child.

Enjoy New Comics Day, my friends! See you here Friday!


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