Von Doom Graduates! Von Doom Graduates!

With the exception of Red Skull, I would have to say that Doom is my favourite Marvel villain. The fact that he refers to himself in the third person provides no end of entertainment, and there is such an earnestness in everything he does that makes imagining him in everyday situations that much funnier.

But when I read that Marvel was planning a series about a “Teen” Doom I was a little confused as to what it might be about.

Based on my own teenage experiences, the first things that came to mind were situations similar to today’s page, as well as Doom on the badminton team, Doom forming an alt-rock band that was going to be “really big” and Doom having a small but crucial role in the school musical.

Regardless of how the Victor Von Doom series by Nick Spencer and Becky Cloonan plays out, I think we’ve done our part as long as everyone learns one valuable lesson from today’s page:

Always wear armour on your dictator.

Today’s safe-sex PSA was brought to you by Richard Clark:

Born in a crossfire hurricane (actually Cleveland, OH), Richard P. Clark’s illustration career began in 1993 while still an undergraduate at The Columbus College of Art and Design. Since then, he’s worked for a wildly varied list of clients in several industries — among them HBO, Playboy, The Wall Street Journal and Alcoholics Anonymous. He’s been finding work again in the Comic Industry, including a recent job for Dark Horse providing finishes over Darick Robertson’s breakdowns for The Guild-Vork comic. He’s hoping this recent turn into the comic lane sticks, as there are literally scores of stories he’d like to unleash on the world. Mr. Clark currently resides in Upstate NY after a 10-year tour of duty in Brooklyn with his wife, daughter and a goofy dog named Barnaby.

See you Wednesday, friends! Be careful, and if you can’t be careful, name it after Doom!


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