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I guess it would seem to some that Kickstarter is the new Artist Alley. Also, today’s page is a great chance to segue into something we’ve been wanting to let you all in on for some time.

One of the best parts of working on Gutters is the slew of incredible artists that we’ve worked with. Just when I think that I’ve seen it all, another gorgeous page lands in my inbox, and I’m floored.

Everything from traditional comics styles to cartoonists to digital painters are represented in these almost 200 pages, and done so quite ably by almost 135 different artists! Most major comics companies don’t count 135 artists on their entire staff, and we are extremely lucky and proud to work with the talent that we have.

And today’s lovely page by Harris Ejaz is no exception:

Harris Ejaz is a Pakistani Visual artist. Currently working as Film Director in an animation studio, he is a concept artist and digital illustrator at heart. This is his second brush with the western comic book industry, the first being an incomplete Zuda pitch with writer Shawn Aldridge.

So, with all that said, how would you like to have this (or any other) gorgeous Gutters page hanging in your home or office? Despite the size and complexity of the printer that now resides at Blind Ferret Headquarters, it’s insanely simple!!

Every Gutters page is available in 2 sizes, and you can purchase prints by clicking away as indicated above. So go forth and multiply!

(and in this case “multiply” refers to making copies of the pages you like the best)

See you next week!!


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