Holy Letters, Superman!

Grant Morrison is a lot of things.

He’s a complex and entertaining writer. He’s a music video star and interesting storyteller. He’s a fashion maven to men without hair.

But when I read about the hooplah surrounding Action Comics #1 and Superman’s alleged use of “GD” as a way of taking the Lord’s name in vain, I was pretty sure he didn’t mean it that way.

I suppose though, when one is getting hit with a train, the ocassional swear may be justified, but in this case, I didn’t even notice that he’d said “GD” let alone register it as cursing.

Also, I’m pretty sure that if he wanted Superman to say “Goddamn” he probably would have written “Goddamn.”

I mean, it’s not like Batman said it or anyth– Oh… right…

Anyways, today’s GD (and by that we mean “Greatly Drawn”) page was done by Brendan McGinley:

Brendan McGinley lives in New York City, because the food here is delicious. He interned at Marvel and DC before joining the staff of Wizard magazine. In 2007 he began publishing Dose, a black-and-white humor anthology. He next undertook the historical epic Hannibal Goes to Rome, which was picked up by Image Comics’ Shadowline imprint following its run at DC’s Zuda competition. That same year saw the superhero conspiracy Invisible, Inc., and the story of the world’s greatest supervillain, Heist (co-plotted with Josh Elder). In 2009, he launched Citizen X, a western set in a world where Carthage defeated Rome, and cobbled together the Grassroots anthology (co-edited with Chris Lawson). In 2010 he wrote, drew, colored and lettered the anti-romantic comedy She’s Famous Now, and the dark comedy Reaping Profit. He is currently writing and illustrating for Cracked and Asylum.Upcoming projects include the superhero romance Double Falsehood, and the paranoid horror Black Ambulances with Steven Grant.

Be good Brothers & Sisters, and we’ll see you back here on Friday!


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