It’s Time To Snikt The Snikt

For today’s page, I had a big rant planned about teasers and their over-use in the comics industry. But the more I looked at that amazing image, I could only really think one thing that I would like to stae publicly right now:

To the folks at Marvel/Disney,

I would buy 20 copies of every issue of a “Wolverine & The Muppets” book. 

I know some of you are reading this… Seriously. I’ll even write it. For Free. On top of buying those 20 copies. 

20 Copies. Every Month. 

Think about it. You know where to find me. 

Aside from that though, today’s page was drawn by Ryan Lee (who we are pretty sure is not a Muppet):

Ryan Lee is a freelance illustrator/designer diligently working out of his home studio surrounded by foxes and spiders in Northwestern Michigan. Since his graduation from the College for Creative Studies in 1999, he has been steadily working in various creative mediums including (but not limited to) illustration, advertising, graphic design, character design, fine art painting, and storyboards. Most recently, Ryan has refocused his work efforts on the comic book industry, a passion of his since he first picked up a pen as a child.

But can you imagine if he was? Awesome…

Have a great weekend folks!!


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