Rollin’ Snake Eyes

I don’t know if the plotters at DC had quite so simplisitc a method of deciding their new status quo, but one thing’s for certain: now that it’s out there I’m sure that lots of folks are feeling that they did.

Personally, given the context, i thought that Justice League was a great book. Fun, action-packed and a good start to the new stories. I’m definitely in for more. I mean, Jim Lee drawing Batman is never a bad thing in my book.

Justice League was good, and it’s received a lot of attention, but it’s the less-blockbuster corners of the New 52 that really have my interest. Next week we get Action Comics #1, but we also get Animal Man and Swamp Thing. The week after that, in addition to Green Lantern #1, we get Mr. Terrific and (my personal favourite) The Resurrection Man.

September is shaping up to be a very cool month.

Today, the artistic dice were rolled by one Mr. Jason Robinson:

Jason Robinson is a freelance graphic artist living and working in South Florida. Focusing primarily on illustration, he creates comic-style artwork for ad agencies, publications and companies around the country… but will pretty much draw anything for the right price. He also freelances at the National Enquirer doing layout for the weekly UK edition of the magazine.

Past claims to fame include being ghost artist for a nationally-syndicated newspaper comic strip and penciling the comic shoved into Todd McFarlane’s Spawn Alley playset. Look for it on eBay!

Have a good weekend, and we’ll see you here Monday, friends!


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