The Checks That Balance

Before we begin, let me tell you that starting Tursday, Sohmer, Lar, Becker, Will, Stone and Myself will be in my old hometown of Toronto for FanExpo Canada.

Look for Blind Ferret Entertainment at Booth #1342 which you can see on this here pretty l’il map.

We will be there for the entire show, for as much merch, signing and good ol’ Comic Talk that we can cram into four days.

As for Today’s page, It’s always sad to see a comic book retailer shut down. Especially one as well known as Atomic Comics.

As a retailer myself, I can tell you that predicting trends and shifts in the comic book world is so very tricky. There is no magical Zatanna-like formula for figuring out what’s going to be a huge hit or a lukewarm flop. I know that I have read it wrong in the past and way over-ordered on things that I was sure would be big sellers. Conversely, I have ended up selling out of books within minutes of opening that I was sure no one would be interested in.

This selling comics thing is, in fact, a little harder than it looks, especially with downloaders (not digital subscribers, illegal downloaders) and the negativity that the internet can sometimes cast over the comic book world.

Though there may have been extenuating circumstances for Atomic Comics, I do hope that other forward-thinking retailers can make something out of the hole that they’ve left in their community’s comics scene.

And remember, every time you punch a downloader, a Comic store gets it’s wings.*

Today’s taxing effort was brought to us by our new friend George Kambadais:

George Kambadais is a comic artist and illustrator from Greece.  He’s been published several times in Greece in many anthologies. At this time he’s working on an upcoming graphic novel that called “Champions of the Wild Weird West”. It will be published by Arcana comics in the beginning of the next year. Also, he’s working on some other comics, like “In all the wrong places” that will be published in Greece and a greek webcomic that called “Dark Days.”

Be Good, and see you in Toronto, folks!!


*Gutters, Blind Ferret Entertainment and The Pope do not endorse punching anyone, downloader or otherwise. Unless it’s Rob Fairmount. He stole my pudding cup in 4th grade. I told you I’d get you back, Robby…


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