Clock Running Out

As I went through my pull list on Wednesday, every time I picked up a DC title, the same thought kept running through my head:

They’re just running out the clock here.

If this ‘reboot’ was as well planned out as they’d have us believe, wouldn’t the editorial team have put something in place for the August releases? Shouldn’t they be building up to the new 52, instead of letting the current universe die quietly in the night?

Todays skill-testing page was put together by our very own Rus Wooton:

Rus Wooton is a comic creator best known for his lettering work on THE GUTTERS and books like THE WALKING DEAD, INVINCIBLE, BUTCHER BAKER and countless others from Marvel, Image, Dark Horse and Radical. An artist for as long as he can remember, Rus got degrees in Fine Arts and Art Education from the University of South Florida in 1996 and then went into freelancing, then working as Wizard’s web designer for three years, then to freelancing again. He’s been lettering since 2003 and draws and writes whenever he can. He is fueled by coffee, Dr Pepper, spicy Korean noodles and rock ‘n’ roll.

Have a great weekend, folks, we’ll see you back here on Monday.


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