A Different Type of Red Bull

I’ve always loved Hellboy.

With Hellboy at the center, Mike Mignola’s tales of supernatural quirkiness have never failed to be fun and exicting. He is one of the few comic creators out there that has the foresight to tell his stories in a manner that develops his characters, but remains accessable to just about any reader. If you’ve been reading since the beginning, or only know the Red Right Hand from the movies, you can easily pick up any one of Hellboy’s comic adventures and enjoy reading it.

Now, as far as the supposed “death” of Hellboy goes, Mignola & Co are promising that this is one comic book death that will stick. While I remain skeptical that Hellboy has taken his last steps in this mortal world, I think there are a lot of really cool places that they can take the Hellboy character throughout the spiritual world.

Hellboy playing chess with Jesus.

Hellboy waxing poetic with Buddha.

Hellboy and the early Egyptian deity, Khnum playing a game of “Who’s Hornier?”

The list goes on.

No matter where Hellboy’s adventures take him though, I look forward to the day when Mignola himself picks up the pen & ink to draw it. His art has always been near the top of my favourites list, not unlike the man who brings us today’s page, David Namisato:

David Namisato is an illustrator in Toronto, Canada, who is grateful that his line of work involves drawing robots, zombies, super heroes, beautiful women, and puppies. David is currently working on a book version of ìLife After the B.O.E.î, his online comic about teaching English in Japan.

Be good folks, and we’ll see you back here Wednesday!


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