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One of the things I’ve been the most curious about regarding the DCnU, is how they’ll deal or reset the Bat Family titles.

How much of Batman Inc will still be in play? Did Dick ever wear the cowl? Most importantly, who is Robin?

DC has stated that in the new status quo, superheroes will only have been around for 5 years. 5 years is a short time to have gone through a handful of Robins, therefore the explanation is that it is now an internship program.

This all begs the question, where does one apply for such a position?

I’m spry enough.

Todays experienced page was done by Alfredo SBG:

Alfredo Sanchez-Bedolla Gomez (or SBG as he’s known) is a Mexican illustrator born in 1981. He’s a graduate in Media and Communications and his first involvement in Mexico’s independent comic industry was back in 1995 with a short contribution in an underground comic book artist collective.  Since then, he has been working as an independent illustrator and storyboard artist for advertising agencies, TV networks, production companies, magazines and independent Mexican rock bands. In his spare time Alfredo writes film, comic and music reviews for his blog and several magazines, and keeps an autobiographical web comic updated almost every monday.

Have a great weekend, folks, weíll see you back here on Monday.



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