The Only Lawyer I Trust Is Jack McCoy

Hallo All, as Sohmer is currently in parts unknown en route back from GenCon, it’s I, the loveable Moss to bring you today’s update.

There has a been a great deal said over the years about the way that Jack Kirby was treated by Marvel, and the way that the Shuster/Seigel camp was treated by DC. Both resulting in lawsuits that have carried on longer than the plaintiff’s lives unfortunately.

There are two very clear sides to the argument. To me, one is a business side and the other, an emotional side. What makes these such very intersting cases is that both sides have compelling and legitimite claims to being right. What’s “right” however, might be the very unsolveable thing that keeps these kinds of cases in legal limbo for so long.

Most recently the courts sided with Marvel in the legal matters involving the Kirbys and the Time Warner/DC legalities around Superman have been so co-opted by lawyers that I doubt we’ll ever see an end to that one.

Just to be safe though, we have pre-emptively sued the artist behind today’s page, Nick Nix:

Nick Nix was born in Michigan back in the winter of ’79. From a very young age age he scribbled his way to the present day. Having a love for comic books, after high school Nick attended the illustrious Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. Afterwards he taught art at Macomb Community College in the Metropolitan Detroit area while pursuing a career as an illustrator and comic book artist.  Just before the recession Nick moved to Los Angeles for greater opportunity. Here he learned how to hustle and get paid. Nick started as an assistant inker to three of the comic book industry’s top inking talent. Later he went on to ink on his own work for Aspen Comics, Marvel Comics, Devil’s Due and a few other publishers. During this time Nick also worked on low budget movies and music videos as a storyboard artist, set dresser and concept designer. Clients include Lego, Fallout Boy, Train, Comedy Central, and author Jim Butcher/The Dresden Files. This Summer he has self published his comic book “Doom Pirates” and an art book of his nude figure work. In his spare time Nick paints, dates, reads, vacations, hikes, goes fishing and kicks it with his friends. He currently resides in Pasadena California.

See you here Wednesday folks! With Fear Itself, Batman & Robin and Red Wing on the shelves, it’s gonna be a good week! So do pay your local retailer a visit, won’t you?


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