I’m Not Projecting, I Swear

Hey all, Moss here as Sohmer and co. get ready to wing their way to Indianapolis (home of the dreaded Colts) for GenCon this weekend. They’ll be at booth #2049 should you be in the area, and will have lots of Gutters books, mousepads, lanyards and smiles available.

I’ve mentioned before my thoughts on the actual issue of DC’s situation involving the number of women working on their September Relaunch. I think it’s an important discussion to have, but what’s amazing me these days is the fire it seems to have lit under people. SDCC’s now-infamous Batgirl and those echoing her cry have elicited more response from DC than any reader base that I can recall in recent memory, and I think that’s great. Great for comics, and great for comics readers. And while the response in today’s page might be a bit more tongue-in-cheek than the one that DC issued officially, I think that any response from a large corporation in this type of situation is a great step forward.

Also, I think it’s a great step forward that they didn’t put out a front page USA Today article giving away the contents of their response 24 hours before releasing the response itself.

With or without a “spoiler-protecting” polybag.

Today’s page has been brought to us by the letter “D,” the letter “C,” the number “52” and Doug Ladd:

Douglas Ladd grew up the son of rich-white sharecroppers in the vast expanse of the Wisconsin farmland. He pissed all his fortunes away on booze, #2 pencils and his collection of Hummel Figurines. Doug has been a freelance illustrator in the toy and game industry for over 10 years. In those ten years, he has never had an assignment with the word “vagina” in it. “V” is usually for reserved for the word “violin.” In his spare time between juggling job and kids, he maintains a small but rabid following at his Nascar based webcomic, The Pits.

Be good everyone and see you here Friday!


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